Our Day

Our Day

08:30     Breakfast Club begins for those who wish to attend.

08.55     Parents and children arrive. Parents will hang up the children’s outdoor clothing, sign their children in, settle them, then say goodbye. [parents use this opportunity to read the information board and take any leaflets, letters, newsletters home to read].

09.10    Supervised free play – children may choose their activities (messy and creative play, construction, jigsaws and puzzles, role play, books, small world play)

10.20    Tidy up time – everyone gets involved, sorting and putting toys and activities away. 

10.30    All children wash hands.  Snack time, all the children sit together and enjoy a healthy snack

10.50    Active play – if weather permits, the children will be outside playing with bikes, scooters, balls, etc or if inclement, will be indoors using the climbing frame, or the nursery climbing room.

11.30    Group time – the children will come together to either sing songs, play musical instruments, listen to a story or even do some acting out of a favourite story!   Children will collect their treasure from the treasure box.

11.40    End of the session  and it's home time for the children. For those staying on, it's 'Lunch Club' time and then a  transfer to nursery or a later pick up by their parent.

Afternoons. After lunch we take the older children on outings in the local community, nature walks and trips to the play park. We promote and help them with independence and have a large selection of games for older children.

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